Some great tricks for website promotion

Let’s figure out how to promote a website on the Internet. Why do we need a promotion at all?

Welcome to our page! Why do you need promotion? The answer is simple. If no one sees the site, then it will not bring you profit, but only losses on its maintenance.

How can I get people to my site? Using a personal blog. For example, you write a blog on some site. You already have your own audience. You bring your audience to your site from the blog. Thus, the number of unique visitors to the site increases. You know the needs of your audience, your readers trust you, and therefore they will trust your company (organization).

If until you have a blog, then it would be wise to start doing it. Here are those few topics for articles on your blog or website that will always be in demand by readers. These topics are almost universal and will suit many.

Topic #1. Instruction.

Today, no one likes to read long instructions in footcloths in small print. But in the process of using the product, questions may arise. What does a modern person do? He is looking for an answer on the Internet. You can give the user this answer and at the same time get a unique visitor to your site. How? On the site you can create a section "Frequently Asked Questions".

If there is the right answer on your site, then Google will display it in the search results. You can also write articles with keywords on the site, this will also help to occupy the first lines in the search results. You must determine what questions most Internet users are interested in and give these users answers to their questions on their site. Your answers to questions must overlap with the specifics of your company. You must be an expert in this particular field.

Topic #2. Use infographics.

People today really value their time. Therefore, in order to attract users, you need to make a brief guide or infographic (image) on a topic that suits your business. This will also help drive traffic to your site. You can create an infographic (image) with a guide for using your product or the process of registration and receipt of your service. The picture should attract the attention of users and be concise, but schematically informative. Infographics can be created for free using the Canva.

Topic #3. Expert opinion.

Most people trust only experts. Show in your articles how detailed and detailed the topic is. It is necessary that the reader sees that you have conducted a whole study, spent time, made your conclusions. Prove that you understand this particular issue better than others, justify. Give statistics. Headings for articles should be something like this:

  • Complete instructions for...
  • Basic instructions for...
  • Guide to...
  • You should know it...

Always check for current data. Outdated data can only do much harm; you will lose the trust of readers. Readers are with you as long as they trust you.

You can also drive traffic to your site using backlinks. When third-party sites link to your sources of information, this only convinces the user of your expertise.

Topic #4. Share personal and corporate stories.

Personal blog stories help users get closer to you. Due to the fact that people sympathize with you, sympathize, support likes and write comments, they somehow participate in your life. The more you communicate with your audience, the more it will get used to you, and equally your product (service) will be in their ears.

Direct personal stories do not promote the site in any way, but indirectly contribute to this. Your personal experience evokes emotions among readers, which means that they will wait for the continuation of the story, the continuation of the blog. Your readers today are your customers (customers) tomorrow.

You can also sometimes throw themes from your collective life. How and where holidays were celebrated, collective outings, New Year's corporate events - all this may be interesting to readers of your blog. Try to describe your workdays as interesting as possible. You can slightly open the secret behind the scenes. Intrigue the reader.

Topic #5. Write reviews of goods (services).

Writing review articles will help get additional traffic to the site, and it is also a good way to generate additional income for bloggers. Today, bloggers are well paid for such reviews. The main thing is not to lose the confidence of your audience and only advertise proven, high-quality goods or services. Otherwise, you can lose the “face”.

If you aim for regular product tests and descriptions of goods and services, then inform readers in advance. Talk honestly about technical specifications, advantages and disadvantages - readers will appreciate it. Write in a simple, structured and understandable way. Do not add too much of your opinion to the article. Let it be unobtrusive, informational in nature.

Topic #6. Destroy Myths.

The general consumer always has myths or fabrications about this or that product (service). Historically, people often rely on someone else's experience. Especially if this experience was negative for someone.

You will not please everyone. Therefore, one person consuming a particular product or service remains satisfied, while the other finds more minuses for himself than pluses. But this does not mean that the product is bad or good. It only says that for each consumer the goods (service) must be correctly selected.

Find topics in your area that relate to such fiction. Debunk the myths. Let readers see a quality, informative article or post. Give facts, evidence of your words.

Summing everything up

Summing up the above, I want to note that openness and expertise will help to establish contact with the audience. Write useful articles. Write more often, do not leave your readers for long. Constant communication with readers helps promote the site, attract new buyers (customers). Optimize your articles for keywords. Write expert articles, as well as truthful, detailed reviews of products and services.

Stay with us! Read more useful articles soon on our website. In the comments, you can suggest topics for future articles or send your own, we will publish them. Share this article with your friends on social networks. Good luck in your promotion!

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