Get feedback: 7 proven methods

More people today pay more attention on reviews than to manufacturers, specifications and sometimes they buy what is not needed ...

Many of us, when buying a product, are guided not only by its technical components and appearance, but also by the feedback of active customers who have already used it in their practice and can clearly describe it completely. Thus, they form a definite opinion about the company, which people will adhere to when choosing a store for purchase. Many manufacturers and stores do not devote much time to this aspect or simply ignore it and lose huge profits. Recent studies by English scientists have proved that almost all potential buyers study the product they like according to reviews, and only after that they pay attention to the manufacturer, and for some, the review is practically a recommendation for the purchase.

How to get more truthful and frankly detailed reviews?

1. Offer a pleasant trifle for purchase. For example, when selling a product, many sellers put some trinket or a small magazine on it, which instantly changes the client’s opinion of the product. The buyer is subconsciously very happy with his purchase, especially if he was waiting for her and planned to buy for a long time, and a small bonus gift will simply bring his feelings to the very extreme. He will definitely leave a very pleasant and positive feedback about you, just do not hesitate.

2. Offer exchange reviews on bonuses. In the modern world, each store is fighting for its customer, which means it offers more favorable conditions. For example, enter a system of accumulating bonuses for leaving reviews, and then with the same bonuses you can pay for your favorite product in the same store. Thus, the flow of regular customers will increase and the turnover of products sold will increase.

3. Enter the competition system. Try to offer your clients some small assignment, as a result of which reward several people with small but useful gifts. And if you hold such events often, then the number of customers, as well as reviews, will certainly only grow steadily.

4. The old and still effective method is a discount on goods. Each of the buyers seeks to save money, which means they will try to buy goods that will be offered with a reduction in the initial price. You can also offer a comprehensive promotion by including in it a set of two things, the second of which will come at a good discount.

5. Benefits for regular customers. Try to attract and keep as many regular customers as possible, who will always recommend your store and attract more customers to it. They constitute the main backbone of the audience, which means they will ask for some kind of permanent proposal for themselves. Make them a permanent discount or some kind of bonus and they will always try to return only to you.

6. Another similar way to the one above was to organize a small exchange of reviews on the products you offer in order to increase the number of positive and interesting messages about your company. The fact is that visitors receiving the product will honestly describe it, since they are already considered experts in this matter and are asked to share their opinions on the site. Many users like to read very detailed reviews, in which customers talk in detail about the use of a product and about their feelings after everything.

7. Offer a simple gift to everyone who leaves a detailed review about you. This system, of course, is quite effective, but many simply pounce on a free share, and just write a few kind words. But still, this approach will gradually succeed and a number of bona fide reviews will, of course, appear on your site. Also offer to share about you on social networks or recommend you to their friends and relatives so that as many people as possible learn about your company or company.

Why reviews matter?

Try to devote more time to such an important format of communication on the Internet as the reviews left. Try not to remove the negative ones if they appear in your comments, because in this way it will be proved that your program is live, and does not have a constant cheat. Many are unaware of such tricks and try to build their website and offers at the expense of only positive opinions, which are immediately called into question by the burnt inhabitants of the world wide web. You should also take care of the mobile version of your site, because in this way you can attract a very large audience who will read about you and your company everywhere, and not just at home at the table. Try to always motivate your regular customers and then there will be plenty of reviews.

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