Does my Landing Page have a good conversion?

Many business owners are interested in obtaining significant conversion rates. But they don't always understand what it depends on.

The conversion is not obtained only due to a beautiful picture or a technological site, but is earned due to a combination of factors. It depends on:

  • advertisement texts;
  • your region;
  • your area in business;
  • type of traffic source;
  • offers;
  • average check for your services;
  • from what place your landing page occupies in the sales funnel, that is, you offer the client to buy a product or leave a request;
  • quality written sales text;
  • design of your landing page.

You don’t need to pay too much attention to conversion rates if they don’t constantly keep too low. It’s much more important to focus on getting high-quality applications at a good price, that is, the cost-per-click indicator is most important.

The cost of a click is greater on the landing pages of a wholesale business. Customers are eager to get more offers from suppliers. Based on the collected offers, an opportunity to make a better choice.

It is important to focus on the performance of the subscription pages. For them, as a rule, the conversion is always higher. Usually it starts at 8%. If below, then there are some problems with landing that need to be addressed.

The cost of a click in the regions is usually on average two times lower than in large cities. This is due to significantly less competition in many business niches. When comparing more highly competitive types of business, the cost per click will not differ so much in price..

In a highly competitive area like tourism, conversion can depend on so many factors. For example, from the dollar or weather changes. When selling Russian tours, the conversion is usually higher than when selling foreign ones.

The conversion rate is also very dependent on the size of the average check. The higher it is, the conversion will be lower. With increasing traffic, the conversion will also decrease, but in any case, it should not be lower than 2%. In case of lower indicators, it is necessary to change the advertising campaign strategy and change the landing page.

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