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New affordable ways to promote goods and services that will allow your company to develop effectively and outperform competitors...

It’s good that you looked at our site, welcome! Today, the article will focus on new affordable ways to promote goods and services on the market using a number of scientific developments and technologies. Time does not stand still. What was relevant a few years ago may not work today. Marketing should change with the advent of new technologies, new means of communication. Here are the main five areas that will allow your company (organization) to develop effectively. Keeping abreast of new technologies means getting ahead of your competitors a few steps ahead.

1. How will interactive video help in promoting?

According to statistics, people are more likely to use the video format to obtain information. And the interactive video helps to examine the presented material in more detail. In addition, interaction with the video increases user engagement. If on a page on YouTube to place not simple videos, but videos in a 360 degree view, then the ratio of interest is 1: 8. From which it follows that eight times more users will be interested in your product. And as a result, the return on investment will increase significantly. It will have a great impact on your business.

2. Why use chat bots on your site? For or against?

Chatbots have certainly been known for a long time. For marketing, this is often an excellent substitute for live communication. Chatbots on websites help to increase the number of sales at times. In online chat, the client can immediately receive a response. He won’t have to wait for a response to his email. This means that the buyer will not go to competitors, but will buy a product (service) from us. Here are a few reasons to install a chatbot on your website:

  • online user support around the clock;
  • the user receives a response immediately;
  • the site visitor receives a detailed answer to his question;
  • the client receives a detailed answer to his question;
  • communication takes place in a positive way.

The use of chat bots on the site increases the likelihood of buying a product from you, as a potential buyer received the necessary information, inspired confidence in your organization, received a warm response from the support service and was satisfied.

3. The importance of advertising on social networks.

Advertising on social networks on a paid basis has existed for a long time. For example, on Instagram, manufacturers of goods and services began to buy ads eight times more than four years ago. Facebook and Instagram are two powerful advertising sites. These sites are co-dependent, which is very convenient when buying advertising. Each of these sites has its own characteristics. The audience is different. Types of accommodation are different. You can promote your product on one or both platforms at once, studying the level of return on each separately.

If you are not yet advertising your services and products on these social networks, then look for this opportunity. This is currently an effective marketing engine.

4. IGTV. How does the app help increase sales?

The number of Instagram users is constantly growing. All new applications for users are being developed. IHTV is an Instagram app that helps you shoot videos lasting up to 60 minutes. Users can watch videos like on TV by logging into the app. All global brands are already using this format for promoting goods and services. Instagram audience is growing annually. Please note that your target audience is already actively using the IGTV video format. Follow your audience, let it see that you, too, keep up to date and always offer all the freshest, new and relevant. The product in the new wrapper will interest even more users. Create more content in a new format for your users and your business will make significant progress.

5. What is iBeacon? Can I apply for business development?

The principle of operation of iBeacon (translated from English as a beacon) is the same as GPS, but much simpler. Companies use beacons to attract customers. What is the procedure for using beacons used? First, manufacturers are informed that they have a mobile application created for the convenience of the client. Then they recommend downloading this application to their mobile device. Everything. The beacon is installed. And now, as soon as the user of the application is in the store within the range of the lighthouse, the application sees where it is. A push notification immediately comes with an offer to buy what the user sees. This system is also relevant for online stores. Lighthouses can be placed in public places, which in profile correspond with your offer of goods or services. Push messages are sent to users when they are near these beacons.

This technology will gradually be introduced into our daily lives and in the future will become very relevant as a way to effectively promote goods from the manufacturer to the buyer. The popularity of mobile applications is growing, especially among the younger generation. The new generation chooses mobile applications, as it is convenient, saves time, provides additional information about the product, service. Now every second large company has a mobile application. Moreover, it is constantly being improved and adapted to a different format.

Let's summ it all up

What can be said, summing up the above? For marketers, new opportunities open up every year. With the advent of new technologies, studying them and correctly applying them in business, one can increase the profits of an enterprise (organization) to unlimited sizes. Introducing the latest developments in science and technology into the existing marketing strategy means being ahead of the competition a few steps forward.

To roughly outline your marketing plan for 2020, you can follow these guidelines. We are engaged in marketing professionally. If you want to save time and conduct an Analysis efficiently, order the Promotion service on our website. Vindict guarantees the result of developed advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for developing your brand in the online business.

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