Marketing or Sales: What matters the most

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a company which has no sales department. So what is the relationship between it and the sales department?

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a company in which there is no sales department, because it plays an important role in every organization. But marketing is impossible to do without. So what is the relationship between him and the sales department and how to achieve their interaction?

If you are a Customer

When owning a business, do not rush to do marketing if you do not have a worthy sales department. It must be assembled from real professionals who can and want to make a profit through sales. Otherwise, you will encounter a number of problems that will entail unjustified losses. After all, you recruited hired workers to achieve high rates. If this does not happen, then it is important to take the time to solve the problem. Determine the reason and try to figure out the intricacies of the applications yourself. Then there will be a positive result.

If you are a Contractor

It is very important that the quality of the work entrusted is carried out so that subsequently more and more customers want to contact you, and not your direct competitors.

There are frequent cases when the work is going well and the indicators are pleasing, but the customer has a question about traffic. In such cases, with full confidence in the quality of the task, you will need to bend your line, that is, fight for your work. This is where the routine work begins, which is not directly included in your responsibilities. Do a large amount of work, as a result, write a report on the completed material and offer your visions of the solution to the problem. In any case, even such work, which at first glance seemed unnecessary, could play a good role in the future. Also, this is all an invaluable experience that will always come in handy.

What in result?

Good specialists require good investments, therefore, to achieve a positive result, you do not need to save on specialists. Indeed, without a highly qualified sales department it is very difficult to achieve the goal, no matter how marketing is conducted. And as for managers, if not targeted traffic, then the profit will be lower than your expectations. Therefore, the work of departments should be connected.

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