How to clearly evaluate contextual advertising effectiveness?

Let's say the promotional activities are completed. They give positive results and there would seem to be no cause for concern...

In this article we will consider the effectiveness of contextual advertising and errors in its evaluation. Let’s say the promotional activities are fully implemented. They give positive results, which is confirmed by statistics, and there would seem to be no reason for concern. However, the whole mood is spoiled by the customer, who, rolling his eyes, claims about his deceived expectations in connection with the disgusting promotion of goods or services. What is the matter here?

Изначальная причина

Wikipedia says that the effectiveness of advertising is determined by the degree of achievement of the goals set for the advertising campaign at the lowest cost. The word GOALS in this definition is paramount. Can you at some point say that the goals have been achieved, and you need to consider a plan for further progress? Very few can answer in the affirmative. As a result, an erroneous situation arises when people want to achieve something, but do not know what. And to succeed without a goal is completely impossible.

Perception errors

Meet Yana. She works as an advertising specialist and says that in her practice there was a case when an enterprise received a huge number of applications at a minimum price. But she was told that a conversion of 3.4% was unacceptable, and something urgently needed to be changed. Yana fended off such allegations by slow processing of applications. She noted that you should not go in cycles in numbers if the goods are on sale, and people are completely involved. However, they did not believe her. The story ended with a meeting with the CEO of the company, at which Yana asked what result he was achieving. The director named the numbers, they turned to the statistics and found out that the requirements of the company were fully satisfied. In the future, this topic is no longer raised.

If you are a Contractor

The designation of a certain number of applications per day (for example, 15 apps by $10) does not mean that this will be a good result. But with a proper assessment of the market and a niche will be quite acceptable. If the client wants 20 applications for $2. for the sale of yachts, in spite of any money offered to you, refuse. Nobody will restore your wasted efforts. It is best to explain here that this is not possible.

If you are a Customer

In this case, it is necessary to adequately assess the capabilities of your company and your wishes. Each market niche contains many nuances and limitations that will definitely affect the result, regardless of the aspirations of the marketer. In real life, wizards do not exist. After all, the unforgettable "sorcerer" of Houdini was only an illusionist.

What is the result?

The goal is the first step to success. Very often, the goal is not only voiced, but also recorded in various documents. Sometimes the goal can be false and lead to defeat, but more often leads to success.

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