Public Prof - career guide landing page

Development of a landing page to promote intense. An animation page with an admin panel for editing content, a connected telegram bot for notifications about filling out a form on the site. Unique design and full optimization for mobile phones.


Develop a landing using an existing logo and a set of colors. Orient the design to the audience of schoolchildren and their parents. Create forms for enrolling in the course and create alerts from the site in the Telegram bot.


The initial design layout was a template, some sections were not combined with each other. The color scheme was not bright, and the layout itself did not contain mobile adaptation. It is necessary to develop a feedback form that can be quickly filled out.

Vindict Portfolio - Public Prof - career guide landing page

Our solution

Completely redesigned layout of the design, added animation. Replaced page elements from the layout and developed new ones. Colors have become brighter and more colorful, strict forms have been replaced by rounded ones.

Two language versions have been added for the site in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. To fully familiarize ourselves with the activities of the Customer, video reviews were added.


The design solution was to transform the blue color, which is the main one, add its shades and gradients. Round and smooth forms symbolize the friendliness and position the User.

The color scheme is used according to the rule 60-30-10 with accent color - yellow. The website uses waveforms of rounded shapes of blue shades.

The font is selected thin, but at the same time well readable. Thanks to the wide letters and muted black color - it is easy to read text on the site even from mobile devices.




Montserrat sans-serif The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

The site has its own Control Panel, where you can set meta-information about the site in different languages, as well as view the database of applications that have been left by users. The number of site moderators is unlimited.

In addition, a telegram bot has been developed that broadcasts alerts about events on the site. The bot itself is password protected so that third-party people do not get access to Users personal information.

The site has additional codes for beautiful display of links in instant messengers and social networks (openGraph) and in search (schema). Google Analytics and Search Console are connected to the site, which allows the Customer to always be aware of the site statistics.

Vindict Portfolio - Public Prof - career guide landing page

Adaptation & optimization

The site is displayed equally clearly and beautifully on mobile devices, tablets and computers. A special bias went to mobile devices, based on the target audience.

Due to the delayed loading of pictures, videos and the page as a whole, the Customer’s website loads quickly even with poor Internet, which allows not to lose potential customers.

All the best techniques and rules recommended by Google are applied on the site, which increases the site’s ranking in search results and makes it easier for the Customer (and cheaper) to further SEO promotion.

Vindict Portfolio - Public Prof - career guide landing page


At the exit, the Customer received a modernly designed and structured landing, the purpose of which is to obtain Customers' data. Thanks to the clear design and soft colors - I want to stay on the site and scroll through to the end.

Thanks to the chat bot, the Customer will instantly know about the new message on the website and can contact the customer as quickly as possible, which increases satisfaction and quality service.

The site is developed on a platform that allows you to expand and add innovations of any scale at any time, which reduces customer costs for support and further improvements on the site.

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