Real Estate Agency METR

Creating a responsive design for the site and optimizing its loading on all devices.


Improve the existing design on the site, add the mobile version, and also fix the display of some sections. Fix the filter and search for objects on the site, as well as the functionality of individual functions and buttons. Add information pages for each object to the site.


The site is in working mode and was developed without documentation based on a ready-made template, which slows down. The site is managed and updated using a third-party CRM system, which is provided by third parties.

Vindict Portfolio - Real Estate Agency METR

Our solution

Together with the Customer, page layouts were developed and adapted for all types of devices. At the same time, the site loading speed was increased 3 times.

The filter on the site was completely redesigned with a new design and the right functionality , which is connected with the existing CRM system.

Pages-presentation of objects, buttons of social networks were added and a Viber bot was connected for notifications from the site, which allows the Customer not only to promote the site, but also to respond to the client as quickly as possible.


Design decisions are made in the style of minimalism. The site has a color scheme 60-30-10, with the accent color - light green and secondary - gold.

The site has rounded corners of the main shapes, which makes the design neat and friendly, puts the Visitor in. The font is selected system, which is on each device and does not require downloading.

All filters, menus and site elements are adapted for mobile devices for easy viewing of the site from any place.




Segoe UI The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

The site is connected to a functioning CRM system, which is updated separately from the site. Therefore, the site was technically updated to support all the functionality of the CRM system and to seamlessly update objects in the site directory.

Our team was Viber bot was proposed and developed, which notifies about events or messages from the site, which is very important for the Customer, as he immediately contacts the customer without losing his profit.

Vindict Portfolio - Real Estate Agency METR

Adaptation & optimization

The customer was able to demonstrate his site from all convenient devices, and also improved the site design to the desired look. Thanks to the work with the server and media materials on the site, its download speed increased, especially from mobile devices, which makes it competitive Customer’s advantage.

Download speed and website design play a more important role than its filling. Thanks to modern solutions and an attractive color palette, the User will definitely not close the site in the first seconds.

Vindict Portfolio - Real Estate Agency METR


Due to poor-quality development, after several years of using the site, there were failures with the Database and updating. The site did not update the information that is delivered from CRM. The resource stagnation began.

Our team together with The customer developed the working structure of the site, and understanding how to work with the provided data, a technical solution was developed.

After optimizing and updating the structure of the Database, as well as the server, updating the programming language and scripts, the problem was fixed updated Nia continued and began to occur 5 times faster than before.

Vindict Portfolio - Real Estate Agency METR


As a result, the Customer received a modern responsive design and a fully functioning website on the principle of "As planned". All pages of the site began to load faster.

Updating the technical and external parts of the site made it easier to work employees. The site will not require serious maintenance for the next 5 years.

Thanks to the Viber bot and new information pages, presentations, the site has supported modern trends and is again in demand by both the Customer and partners, and customers.

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