Hubble Bubble - New year presents

Creating a landing page for the Christmas toys sale with online payment, interactive animations, photo editing and connecting the local mail API to send packages. Connect and manage orders through a bot in Telegram. Own admin panel for the site content.


Creating a product information page, describing the benefits and reviews. The main goal is to familiarize yourself with the product, lure the potential Buyer and create the most simple shopping cart interface. The site is required in three languages. Advertise the site through the social network Instagram to attract potential buyers.


The project must be implemented in a short time due to the seasonality of the business. Most Buyers use mobile phones, so placing an order should be simple, simple and fast.

To purchase on the site, delivery must be considered and payment in various ways. When placing an order, the Buyer should be able to upload the photo and process it yourself.

Vindict Portfolio - Hubble Bubble - New year presents

Our solution

When developing the page prototype, it was decided to create an adaptive landing page. To attract the attention of the User, videos in the background, animations and bright colors are used.

Since the target audience is young people 16-30 years, Emoji emoticons were added to the site instead of an individual set of icons, which increases interest in the site and distinguishes it from the competition.

The customer received a beautifully designed site with all information sections, work with failures and feedback. instantly to respond to orders and not lose customers - a chat bot was developed in Telegram that not only tracks Orders, but also allows you to manage the site. It also monitors pending Orders and helps to keep in touch with the Buyer.


The design is based on rounded shapes that are perceived as friendly and calm. The site itself is filled with bright colors, beautiful pictures and animations, which increases the time spent by the User on the site.

The color scheme is selected according to the rule 60-30-10 with accent color - light orange. This allows you to uniquely identify the key buttons on the site and creates a feeling of comfort for the Buyer.

The font on the site does not use serifs, which makes the text look unobtrusive and easy to read. Mobile adaptation completely redo the design of the order, making it intuitive on mobile devices, which increases the likelihood of an average sale by 60% according to Google reports.




Roboto, sans serif The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

Auxiliary services are connected to the site for: online payment, search and selection of post offices, maintaining records and statistics of goods, website statistics, managing goods and customer base, as well as notifications in the messenger.

Each of the services is connected and works independently.The site allows you to connect more tools if necessary without slowing down the site.

As a result of the work, the Customer received one of the best sites with payment, which has a complete set of indicators to increase sales. Customer Momen communicates with customers, and those who are one step away from the purchase, receiving an additional 40% of possible profit.

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Search Console are integrated on the site, as well as additional markup for beautiful display links in instant messengers and social networks.

Vindict Portfolio - Hubble Bubble - New year presents

Built-in Payment

When placing an Order, two payments are available? online and cash on delivery. Online payment is available with Visa / Mastercard, Privat24, payment at the cash desk or terminal, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The order is automatically completed after payment, and the User is notified on the site and by Email notification, which were specially designed for the Customer.

The presence of online payment increases profit by an average of 40%, which is on hand to the Customer, reducing the payback period of the business .

Vindict Portfolio - Hubble Bubble - New year presents

Social networks

In order to increase the number of Orders, visits to the site and product awareness, an Instagram advertisement was launched. For this, a business profile was created and a bright and effective design of the profile was drawn.

To warm up the interest of Users, discount promotional codes were developed that were raffled on Instagram for the actions of subscribers and advertising.

Ads were signed by bloggers, video and photo content were taken to fill out the profile and publish stories. The cost per click was optimized to $0.04 per User action.

Vindict Portfolio - Hubble Bubble - New year presents

Adaptation & optimization

All files, pictures and site codes were optimized for the fastest page loading. On average, with poor 3G Internet, the page loaded in 2.9 seconds, which is 4 times faster than its closest competitors.

The advantage in speed allowed the Customer to stand out on the market and not lose the potential buyer at the time of acquaintance with the product. On average, 72% of people confirmed that they were annoyed when the site loads for more than 3-4 seconds and most likely will not wait for the download.

Vindict Portfolio - Hubble Bubble - New year presents


As a result, the Customer received a fast-working, bright and colorful site that is downloaded from all devices. The site talks about the product and provides answers to frequently asked questions, once in several blocks there is a Buy button (CTA or call to action) .

Formalization of the Order on the site is convenient both from mobile devices and from a computer, and contains a minimum number of steps and input information. Thus, the Client spends a minimum of time and effort on placing an Order, which even a child can make .

Thanks I am tracking orders and sending work - the customer is always aware of the work of production, the status of orders and in close contact with customers. Thanks to the statistics collected and its analysis - the potential benefit is increasing.

Managing the site using a chat bot , promo codes and an advertising company on Instagram brought in more potential buyers and profits, and Vindict’s technical and informational support made it possible to use the site most effectively.

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