Gromada group - local media group

News portal development for the regional "Gromada group media". The project includes the main and subsidiary, managed sites that are located on subdomains. The general system of writing and maintaining news and site, headings, advertising and content.


Create a news portal of regional significance. Develop a website design and logo. Launch the opportunity to publish news using text editing, media material (pictures, video, audio), comments (Facebook comments), the ability to share news, keep rubrics on site.

Additionally, make information pages, as well as different types of news: posters, articles, news, etc. Add weather widgets, readers' questionnaires to the site, the ability to add live broadcasts to the site.

Create each district Kharkiv in your region, a personal site with the same functionality, personal access, with the ability to add news from the main site to subsidiary sites.

Develop and implement a site monetization strategy: ad units and integrations with advertising and news services such as Google Ad Sense and Ukr Net.


It is necessary to create several types of Administrator accounts for the main and subsidiary sites. To create the ability to add subsidiary sites and edit information about them yourself through the Site Control Panel.

Add the ability to add and manage users and advertising , personal data and the site as a whole. Create an intuitive and simple interface, as well as take care of the fast loading of all pages of the site, as it is supposed to be used in places with insufficient Internet connection .

Vindict Portfolio - Gromada group - local media group

Our solution

Together with the Customer, it was decided to create a multi-page website with convenient navigation, fixed on top. All news will appear in different blocks of the Main page, and the mobile version of the page will be adapted to cover news more when entering the site.

The site is represented by the Chief Administrator, who adds subsidiary sites and users, can manage the site and work with news, categories, advertisements and questionnaires. All subsidiary Administrators work with these sections on their sites.

Statistics and tracking of the dynamics of visits are connected to all sites in aggregate. Customer created and linked communities in social networks.


The customer was provided with 3 different layout options, one of which was approved and changed during operation. The developed logo fully meets the style, ideology and criteria of the site, can be modified for subsidiary sites.

The main color was chosen blue and its shades for the satisfaction of most people and its neutral, calm mood.The color scheme is made according to the rule 60-30-10, and the main bias of the design is made on the placement of news.

News blocks contain pictures to attract attention I’m the User for the news and the site as a whole. Pictures are perceived much faster and keep the Reader on the site, and thanks to the sans-serif font, the text is easily readable even from mobile devices.




Roboto, sans serif The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

Google’s statistics services are connected to the site (Analytics and console), an advertising account, and RSS news is available, which allows you to connect the site to any portal on the Internet, which was done with UKR NET, which increases coverage It allows users to the customer and keeps them informed of all the site’s trends.

The admin panel allows you to fully manage all the contents and settings of the site, as well as users. It is intuitive and easy to use due to the many icons and the generally accepted style, which reduces Customer’s training for personnel.

The site contains special markup that allows news to be displayed correctly in instant messengers and social networks (oGraph), as well as in search results, in particular in the News section (schema), which increases the reach of Users to the Customer and facilitates / reduces the cost of SEO-promotion.

Vindict Portfolio - Gromada group - local media group

Multipurpose site

Thanks to the development of our team, the Customer received many solutions in one site: posting information, advertising, monetization, content management. The site is accessible from all platforms and can be connected to third-party portals.

Thanks the variety of adding news, they can be of a different nature - from announcements, to articles or even studies.The site has a special Archive and search for news.

The site can be easily expanded thanks to the technologies used, which simplifies the Customer’s support also reduces the cost of future work.

Vindict Portfolio - Gromada group - local media group

Wide opportunities

At the initiative of our team, many functions were added to edit and manage news, additional fields such as Reading time, which will attract additional interest of Readers.

A program of motivation was also developed for the editors of subsidiary and main sites. Rating of all users has been developed, which is updated weekly. It allows you to determine the effectiveness of each edition in comparison with each other and helps to increase the quantity and quality of news.

Vindict Portfolio - Gromada group - local media group

Adaptation & optimization

The news portal is fully adapted for mobile devices and tablets, which is extremely important for the news portal, which is viewed by more than 80% of readers from mobile devices.

Pages and media have been compressed and optimized, which speeds up page loading. Thus, the Customer received a competitive advantage among competitors and increased user satisfaction with the resource, especially in the regional regions of the Kharkiv region.

Vindict Portfolio - Gromada group - local media group


As a result of work on a project of a group of local media in the Kharkov region, the Customer received a powerful news feed tool that is available to many publishers. The minimalism design allows you to quickly understand the site, and a large number of pictures attract and retain the User on the site.

Thanks to all the necessary tools and technical capabilities of the site, the Customer can integrate the site with third-party resources and has full control over all the contents of the resource. considerable efforts for technical maintenance of the site.

Monetization and the presence of the site on social networks allow you to develop a payback plan for the project and reach a certain income level, as well as gain status and readership over time. making it easy to extend functionality to just about any tool you need.

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