Chebotarenko production

Style and responsive design creation for the corporate website & portfolio of the Ukrainian director Sergey Chebotarenko.


Develop a portfolio site for the Ukrainian director Sergey Chebotarenko. You must place video material, contacts and a description of Sergey’s work on the site. Adapt the site to all types of devices.


Sergey is engaged in directing and the portfolio contains a lot of media material that can slow down the site. You also need to add animations to emphasize the creativity of the author.

Vindict Portfolio - Chebotarenko production

Our solution

The customer received a site portfolio that was easy to use, with a transition to the pages of individual cases where it is possible to view all project participants.

Each video is downloaded and displayed on the screen only after clicking, which is visually and technically makes the site faster. On the main page, as well as in the sticky menu at the top and bottom of the screen, all information about Sergey’s work and the possibility of contact with him is posted.


The site is designed in black and white to create simplicity and contrast. Most of the visual elements are video in the background and pictures that attract attention and you want to see.

The font on the site is selected creative, taking into account the features of Sergey’s work. This makes the site easy to read on any device.




Brandon regular The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

The site contains a built-in video player for viewing portfolio video presentations. At the bottom of the page are added contacts with one-click contact with Sergey, as well as to view his latest news in social networks.

Vindict Portfolio - Chebotarenko production

Adaptation & optimization

The site and the player are adapted for all types of devices and are displayed on all screens with high quality. Thus, the portfolio is available wherever there is Internet.

Vindict Portfolio - Chebotarenko production


As a result, Sergey received a working portfolio site with an attractive design, adaptation for all types of devices and convenient navigation.

The site loads quickly and contains all the necessary materials for the Customer, including video presentations, Showreel and project details.

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