Language classes by Helen Nikulshina

Creating an adaptive design and multilingual landing page for Helen Nikulshina's foreign language courses. Optimize site loading and operation. Creation and setting up courses community in a social network.


Create a landing page with information on individual foreign language courses. Target audience - both Ukrainians and foreigners who want to learn Russian.

Develop a multilingual version of the site with a special message for each of audiences. A modern, attractive design and mobile adaptation are needed.


Each audience pursues its own goals in learning languages, it was necessary to find out specific goals for English-speaking Users. The site is informational in nature and its goal is to collect a client base, but this direction is not developed by the Customer.

Vindict Portfolio - Language classes by Helen Nikulshina

Our solution

The Vindict team decided to use the Landing structure with the main facts about the teacher, the ability to sign up for courses through the feedback form and create a Viber bot for notifications from the site.

Since the site received several language versions (Turkish, English and Russian), each of which highlights those features of the courses that are primarily interesting to the person who speaks these languages.

Compression of the presentation of information, colors and designed icons allow you to quickly perceive and information and get acquainted with the offer. To improve the recognition of courses and work with clients, it was decided to create and maintain a page on Facebook.


The customer requested the use of a green and light green shade as the main color. Based on this, a 60-30-10 color scheme was developed that includes green as an accent color and its shades as secondary colors.

The site uses rounded shapes and geometric shapes without corners and shapes, which causes trust and calm, and the green color attracts the attention of users. To enhance the effect of non-intrusiveness, a sans-serif font of muted black color is used.

Separately for the site developed us pictures, icons and graphic materials for profiles and pages on the social network Facebook.




Rubik, sans serif The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Integrated services

The site has the ability to edit information if it is out of date, as well as receive notifications about messages, both by Email and through a bot connected to the Viber site.

Reviews in the language have been added to the site the original, which are also left by users on the Facebook page. The language of the site is determined automatically depending on the location of the person who opens the site.

Vindict Portfolio - Language classes by Helen Nikulshina

Adaptation & optimization

The landing page is displayed on all types of devices, is easy to read, and has a clear structure for placing information blocks.

Most users come from mobile devices, where they can easily get acquainted with courses and a teacher , but also leave a request.

Vindict Portfolio - Language classes by Helen Nikulshina


As a result, the Customer received a modern, attention-grabbing and vibrant website that opens equally well on mobile devices and computers. The customer can conduct its activities both locally and internationally.

Thanks Viber bot and Facebook page, the Customer can work and communicate with customers as quickly as possible, thereby increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.

Thanks to auto language detection on the website and feedback forms - the Customer does not lose potential customers. Forms are placed in unobtrusive and intuitive way on the whole page.

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